Associate Pastor

Job Description

The role of the Associate Pastor is to work in harmony with the Senior Pastor, have a solid understanding of the purpose, values, strategy and mission of HBC. The Associate Pastor will work alongside the Senior Pastor, Elders, Deacons, and congregants as a member of a team in fulfilling the ministry of the church under the direction of the Holy Spirit.


  • As a born again believer in Jesus Christ, satisfy the Biblical qualifications for an Elder (Pastor). II Timothy 3; Titus 1; I Peter 5:14
  • As a member of HBC, exercise a lifestyle that is consistent with the mission of the church.
  • As a minister of the Gospel of Christ and HBC, model submission to the authority and vision of the Senior Pastor and leadership of the church.

Key Responsibilities


  • Along with the Senior Pastor, provide supporting leadership for the development of the vision and operational plans of the ministry.
  • Work closely with the Senior Pastor and Elders to identify ministry priorities which will help move the church closer to our vision and mission.
  • Responsible to see that the strategic initiatives developed by the Senior Pastor and Elders are carried out in accordance with our vision and mission.

Preaching & Teaching

  • Spends time in the study of the Word and in prayer for preparation for ministry.
  • Assist the Senior Pastor in keeping the vision and mission of the church before the congregation.
  • Will fill the pulpit for any services the Senior Pastor is unavailable for.
  • Will assist the Senior Pastor in administering the ordinances of the Lord’s Supper, baptisms, and assist in conducting funerals, weddings, dedications, and other services as requested by the Senior Pastor.
  • Assist the Senior Pastor in the teaching ministry of the church by overseeing and conducting the discipleship ministry of the church to include various discipleship classes, small group studies and Sunday school classes.

Pastoral Care

  • Assist the Senior Pastor in the pastoral care of the congregation through visitation, counseling and prayer ministries.
  • Assist the Senior Pastor in responding to crisis situations which arise in the congregation.
  • Along with the Senior Pastor and Elders ensure that the spiritual needs of the congregation are provided for through various ministries of the church.


  • In conjunction with the Senior Pastor, the Associate Pastor will help oversee and execute the administration of the various ministry areas. The Associate Pastor will administrate the areas of discipleship/counseling/teen/children’ s ministries, and prayer ministry. The Associate Pastor will attend ministry core group meetings as directed by the Senior Pastor and provide support and assistance.
  • The Associate Pastor will assist the Senior Pastor in assessing the needs within the church family and community and developing programs/ministries to meet those needs.

Organizational Relationship

  • The Associate Pastor will report directly to the Senior Pastor in the performance of his pastoral duties.
  • The Associate Pastor will maintain a degree of accountability for his ministry performance to the congregation, the Elders, the Senior Pastor, and the Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit.
  • The Associate Pastor also recognizes a level of accountability to the community at large to represent Christ in an honorable way before them. The Associate Pastor will present ministry reports as requested to the Senior Pastor, Elders, and/or congregation.