Missions Secretary

Job Description

Job Title:  Missions Secretary/Treasurer

Reports To:  Directly works with the finance committee and the church treasurer.  Ultimately responsible to the Pastors/Elders and congregation.

Position Summary:  Works with the Finance Committee and Church Treasurer to manage the monies designated for the missions purposes of the Heritage Baptist Church and serve as a liaison between the missionaries of HBC and the leadership and congregation of HBC.


  1. Be a born again follower of Jesus Christ, obedient in Scriptural baptism.
  2. Be an active member of HBC, displaying a lifestyle consistent with the mission of the church and giving evidence of a heart for missions and active involvement in the missions program of HBC.
  3. Be above reproach in character and if applicable be able to be bonded.
  4. Display qualities of a teachable spirit and willingness to get along well with others.
  5. Model submission to biblical authority and embrace the mission of the Church.
  6. Display and maintain confidentiality and fiscal integrity at all times.
  7. Be willing to learn and utilize the accounting program adopted by the church.

Primary Duties:   

  1. Disburse on a monthly basis all monies designated to specific missionaries per budget approved missionary expenditures or individual designations of funds to approved mission endeavors.
  2. Maintain a separate checking account for disbursements of missions monies under the supervision of and coordination with the Church Treasurer and Finance Committee.
  3. Work with the Church Treasurer in maintaining accurate records and accounting of missions monies and presentation of monthly reports as needed.
  4. Meet regularly with the Finance Committee to maintain flow of information and accountability.
  5. Manage the flow of correspondence from missionaries and present ideas for keeping missions a visible part of the life of the congregation.
  6. Build a team of volunteers to assist in answering correspondence, creating mission awareness, and generating congregational involvement with missionaries.
  7. Make Pastors/Elders aware of any missionary needs as surplus monies are available for discretionary missions spending.
  8. As the ministry leader of the church’s mission program work along side the Finance Committee each year to prepare and present the missions portion of the overall church budget.
  9. Assist the Finance Committee in the ongoing process of developing and tweaking the church’s policy and procedure manuals especially in regards to finances and missions.
  10. Work to ensure that all missions practices, procedures, and policies remain consistent with the mission and vision statement of HBC.
  11. Maintain regular communication with the Church Treasurer and enlist the Church Treasurer to fulfill Missionary Secretary/Treasurer duties if an absence is necessary.
  12. Do all to the glory of God!